Common Pests

Termites are one of the most destructive insect pests in the world. Termites eat without stopping. They work 24 hours a day and continuously for 365 days a year.  …learn more on termites control

Ants invade homes to forage for food and to look for shelter. They live in colonies and their sizes may range from hundreds to millions, depending on the species. …learn more on ant control

Mosquitoes are unwanted in an urban city. They are a threat to human as they are vectors of diseases. Mosquitoes are extremely fast in spreading Dengue, …learn more on mosquitoes control

Cockroaches are a cause for concern due to their feeding habits and habitat. They are commonly found in food handling areas. …learn more on cockroaches control

Bed Bugs invade you and your home without your knowledge. Their ability to go without food for months helps them get undetected. …learn more  bed bugs control

Rat and mouse are rodents. Rodents are carriers of viral, rickettsial and bacterial diseases. The causative agents could enter our body. …learn more rodents control

Our Technology


We are equipped with a series of latest equipments and software to provide an inspection process to detect and confirm the location of the termites. Our TermiteCam identifies the level and tracks the intensity of termite infestation with its high performance camera and a powerful sensor. learn more

The TERMITE DETECTION SYSTEM consists of a carbon dioxide (CO2) portable detector attached to an air pump, which is a filtered probe, used to pierce the sheet rock wall on the inside of a building and the air pump draws out an air sample that is passed to the carbon dioxide detector. It uses an innovative infra-red absorption sensing cell in the detection process, giving instant indications of termites. Any increase above the control reading indicates an active termite infestation. learn more
Xterm™ Termite Baiting system works with the understanding of termites behaviour. This system lures subterranean termites into consuming and sharing the “Best” food source for the whole colony. learn more

Agenda 10SC 950ml Bottle (SG) (Straight Angle)

Agenda 10 SC is the new class of termiticide that has passed the stiffest tests set by researchers around the world.
Because of the new generation of active ingredients called fipronil that it contains, Agenda 10 SC brings a whole new mode of action against termites.
learn more

Why Choose Us

  • Engage the most effective treatment method in the market.
  • ABJ uses only original products.
  • We believe in rectifying the situation once rather than twice.
  • We provide pest management services catering to your needs and requirements.
  • We are constantly upgrading and training our staffs to provide quality services.