Ant Control


Ants invade homes to forage for food and to look for shelter. They live in colonies and their sizes may range from hundreds to millions, depending on the species. Different colonies have their own different types of individuals, each of them with a special function. Colonies generally consist of a Queen ant and Worker ants.

All ants may seem alike to most house owners. However, the species of ants may differ for each case and therefore requires a specific method of control for each type of ant.

There are two categories of ants infestation:

  • Ants that nest outdoors.
  • Ants that nest indoors.

Ant Management Approach

An easy approach to solving ant activities is by eliminating food sources which can dramatically reduce infestation of ants.

However, if problems persist, we have the expertise to identify the species and introduce the most appropriate approach to effectively eliminate the infestation quickly and safely.

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