Bed Bug Control

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs invade you and your home without your knowledge. Their ability to go without food for months helps them get undetected. Bed bugs invasion are only noticed when human or pets are being bitten by them.

Bed bugs are tiny pests that feed on the blood of warm blooded mammals.

Bed bugs do not carry or transmit any diseases and their bites are not painful; however they irritate the skin and can cause itchiness.

Increasing migration and travelling in recent years has encouraged the spreading of bed bug issues worldwide.

What are bed bugs and what do they look like?

Bed bugs are small, oval, non-flying insects that bite people. They have flat bodies and survives on blood meal from human.

Adult bed bugs are reddish brown in colour. The nymphs ( young ) are clear in colour and appear red after feeding. The body of a bedbug before feeding is flat, light brown and oval shaped. It then becomes rounder and darker after feeding.

Bedbugs are attracted to the warmth of bodies and the carbon dioxide in our breath. They hide in cracks and crevices or in the seams of mattresses.

Bed Bug Infestation and where are they usually found?

Bed bugs are often found hiding in furniture, clothing, bedding, curtain, carpet, wallpaper or travelling luggage.

Signs of bedbug infestation include blood spotting on mattresses as well as a distinctively sweet and yet unpleasant smell secreted by bedbugs.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs?

Maintaining cleanliness, discarding unused/ old items and with proper housekeeping will discourage their presence.

Bed Bug Management Approach

  • Vacuum your house frequently.
  • Drying and washing your clothes frequently at high temperatures.
  • Throwing away your infested furniture.


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