Mosquito Control


Mosquitoes are unwanted in an urban city.

They are a threat to human as they are vectors of diseases. Mosquitoes are extremely fast in spreading Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya and Zika.

It is always a challenge to manage mosquitoes. There are about 80 different kinds of mosquitoes in Singapore.

These pests are part of the same order as houseflies and fruit flies. They all have two clear veined wings.

The length of the mosquito life cycle varies between species and is dependent upon environmental conditions.Under optimal conditions, mosquitoes can develop from egg to adult in an average of 7 days.

Our Mission is to create a safer environment.

Mosquitoes require water to breed, they lay their eggs in stagnant water. By getting rid of these water sources, you can limit the breeding of mosquitoes.

You can also keep mosquitoes away from you and your home by using bug lights or netting and barriers.

Common mosquito breeding sites include flower pots, roof gutters, bird baths, ponds, etc.

Our mosquito management approach

Our approach to preventing mosquitoes from entering your home includes Fogging, Misting, Larviciding and Bti treatment.

Source reduction should also be practised by removing any potential stagnant water locations and discard any unwanted items where stagnant water is found.


Fogging being carried out during an outbreak and misting being carried out for routine maintenance.

Water Based Misting for barrier control


Source reduction is the most effective method in mosquito management.

A combination of biological control and application of the right product to eliminate the mosquito larvae/ breeding source is a crucial part in mosquito management.

For locations sensitive to Fish, aquatic life, plants and pets we recommend application of Bti treatment.

Bti Treatment

“Bti”, Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies Israelensis, are bacteria which infect and kill mosquito larvae.

When Bti is consumed by the mosquito larvae, Bti affects their digestive system and thus paralyse them.

Bti is available in forms of granules, powder or liquid and is usually broadcast either directly or by ultra-low volume (ULV) sprays with mist sprayer/blower.

Bti treatment is carried out at


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