Vectobac DT


VectoBac DT is intended for residential use. For use in artificial containers used for water collection to control container mosquitoes (e.g. Aedes aegypti, Aedes albopictus). Artificial water containers may include drums, storage tanks, jars, rooftop catchments, ornamental fish ponds, ornamental pools or fountains, unused swimming pools, floor drains, and roof gutters.Do not apply directly to treated, finished water supply systems, as these systems are not considered mosquito breeding sites.



  • The larval stagesof mosquitoes are highly susceptible to Bti toxins.
  • VectoBac DT consists of the same Bti strain and food grade inert ingredients found in VectoBac WG.
  • VectoBac DT formulation is specifically designed to deliver Bti toxins into the feeding zone of Aedes larvae, which are at the sides and base of artificial containers.
  • VectoBac DT is fast-acting upon first application.
  • Tablet size and application rate provides greater flexibility for small containers.
  • Tablet is small and compact, making it easy to use by field technicians and allowing for ease of application into containers with narrow openings.
  • A single tablet can be applied to dry containers or containers holding water volumes of ≤ 50 L (13 gallons). Retreat at label rates as required when pupae appear.


Mode of Action:

VectoBac DT (U.S.) is a direct tablet formulation of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis (strain AM65-52) for control of container-breeding mosquito larvae. The product has a potency of 2,200 International Toxin Units (ITU) per milligram against Aedes aegypti larvae. VectoBac DT consists of only Bti (strain AM65-52) and food-grade (US EPA list 4) inert ingredients.