VectoBac® Bti

Biological Larvicide

VectoBac® Bti

Bacillus thuringiensis isrealensis (Bti) is a biological control agent which is naturally occurring and can be found in soil and aquatic environment throughout the world. At the time of sporulation, Bti produces a highly specific delta-endotoxin which is only toxic to larvae of mosquitoes, black flies, midges and fungus gnats.

Vectobac WG

VectoBacWG is a water-dispersible granule formulation of Bacillus thuringiensis  israelensis (strain AM65-52) for control of mosquito larvae. The product has a potency of 3,000 International Toxin Units (ITU) per milligram against Aedes aegypti larvae. It is designed for use in aqueous spray mixes and for direct application. VectoBacWG was the first bacterial larvicide to complete the World Health Organization Pesticide Evaluation Scheme.

VectoBac DT

VectoBac DT is intended for residential use. to control denguemosquitoes (e.g. Aedes aegypti,Aedes albopictus). Artificial water containers may include drums, storage tanks, jars, rooftop catchments, ornamental fish ponds, ornamental pools or fountains, unused swimming pools, floor drains, gully trap and roof gutters. Do not apply directly to treated, finished water supply systems, as these systems are not considered mosquito breeding sites.

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